USA Visa Categories – Which is Right For You?

USA Visa Categories - Which is Right For You?

The whole visa process of the USA can be easily accessed through USA Visa categories. It is always a wise idea to have a general idea about all the possible options before actually applying for the visa. By doing so, you can cut the time and cost involved in processing your application. The number one thing to be kept in mind while considering USA Visa categories for your Visa application is the economic classifications. There are basically three, they are low income, middle income and high income. The visa category for the USA depends on the classification chosen.

The USA Visa application is an issue that impacts all those who, for different reasons, want to get to America. For instance, if you are a student wishing to get a student visa to the USA for pursuing higher education in America, there is some US Student Visitation Programs that you can choose. Similarly, if you are a business visitor or a tourist wishing to visit the USA for some business purpose, you can choose any of the best possible USA Visa categories. If you are a person with an investment in the USA, then it is better to go for the investiture categories which do not require a visa. The above visa categories are the best possible option for the visitor visa application.

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The best option for the visitor visa category is the dependable USA Visa application. There are several types of USA Visas which have been created by the federal government to avail the benefits of the tourists’ influx to the country. Among all the many visa categories, it is the USA Visa with the necessary Green Card that is the best option. The green card helps the holder to reside and work in the USA without violating its own laws and without getting into any trouble regarding his or her citizenship. This is the sole reason for the popularity of the USA Visa category among the tourists and other visitors.


As per the visitor requirements, different types of US Visa applications are available and one can easily avail them online with the help of various search engines. There are several types of categories available for the US visa applicants along with their detailed checklists. One type of list consists of the complete information about the applicant which includes his name, date of birth, address, contact details, occupation, and the number of previous visits to the USA. Another type of list comprises of a complete description about each and every requirement of the applicant which is very important because, if there is no information about one requirement, the application will be denied.

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The next category in the list of the USA Visa categories is the H, L, O, K and temporary workers category. These are divided into three sub-categories based on their duration. The duration of the H visa depends upon the job of the individual. If the job of the individual is of short duration in nature, then the applicant may obtain a six-month visa which will be valid for the entire period of his work in the USA. The L, K and temporary workers category covers the workers who are not allowed to work for a particular period and this is done based on their employment contracts.

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The next classification in the list of the USA Visa categories is that of the guest workers who are permitted to stay in the USA for a specific period of time like for one year or for a longer period as decided by the authorities. The worker must have a valid visa otherwise for him his stay will not be valid. There is also another option for the green card seekers who are permitted to work in the country for a specific period of time and if he wishes to leave the country, he can do so without obtaining any exit visa. The green card category is further subdivided into two additional categories which are the immediate relatives and the immediate dependent family members who are also allowed to work in the USA for a limited period of time.

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