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Exclusive List Of Low Tuition Universities In Canada


Looking through a list of low tuition Universities in Canada is important when it comes to saving your money and get standard education in Canada.

Studying in Canada doesn’t mean you just have to get a loan from your trusted bank. Just leave your banks alone and make findings on the internet, as there are free in-depth guides you can learn from. There are also different pathways for Canada PR?


I hope this list of low tuition universities in Canada would be informative. To increase your chances of attending Canadian universities, you need to be smart about where you put your application.

Canada has about 80 universities, so you should just check one at a time for a truly correct answer. Now, let’s run down through the summaries of the low tuition universities in Canada for international students:

Low Tuition Universities in Canada With Brief Description

  1. Brandon University charges Canada Citizens $3,602 and International students $7,203
    Brandon University was established in 1889 and is one of the cheapest Canadian universities with low tuition fees in arts, science, education, music, and nursing. In 2018 – 2019, there are 3,000 undergraduate students currently attend Brandon University, and you can become one too!

2. Simon Fraser University charges Canada Citizens $3,000 and International students $5,300
Simon Fraser University is a huge institution located in British Columbia Canada. It has many different campuses such as the one in Vancouver other than the main campus. Although it is often shadowed by the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University is still an excellent Canadian university that has a strong curriculum.

3. Memorial University of Newfoundland charges Canada Citizens $ 5,000 and International students $10,000. The Memorial University of Newfoundland is a relatively easier Canadian university to be admitted because of its admission rate of 66.8% admission rate. The university is popular especially to international students because it is a cheap university in Canada. Its medicine, education, and geology departments are one of the best in Canada.

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4. University of Winnipeg charges Canada Citizens $3,675 and International students $13,695.
The University of Winnipeg is a low tuition Canadian university for international students whose focus is on undergraduate students and has received good rankings in undergraduate education because of that.

5. Université de Saint-Boniface charges Canada Citizens $3,563 and International students $7,482
This institution is a public university located in Manitoba. The institution requires students to have minimum proficiency in French because it’s the main language spoken at the institution. English proficiency might be required as well. They offer programs both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

6. St. Francis Xavier University charges Canada Citizens $8,830 and International students $8,830.
St. Francis Xavier University is a public university located in Antigonish, Canada. It is an undergraduate university that offers programs in liberal arts, science, business, and management, etc.

7. Canadian Mennonite University charges Canada Citizens $7,410 and International students $10,003. It offers strong programs in MBA, business, fine arts, and theology. It also has various athletic programs such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball. Canadian Mennonite University is on the list of cheapest Canadian universities and colleges for undergraduate and Master’s programs.

8. Dominican University College charges Canada Citizens $4,364 and International students $12,494. This low tuition college in Canada is a Catholic institution in Ontario. It offers an affordable undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees. Its strong academic areas are philosophy, history, and theology.

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9. University of St. Paul charges Canada Citizens: $5,278 and International students $12,766
This university is located in Ottawa, Canada. The University of St. Paul offers education in both French and in English. So, students who are familiar with French can receive a fabulous education in Canada by attending this bilingual university.

10. Booth University College charges Canada Citizens $8,430 and International students $11,760.
Booth University College is a private university in Winnipeg, Canada. It is a liberal arts university that is affiliated with the Salvation army. A large number of students apply for admission every year at this low tuition college in Canada is a reason only a limited number of students are selected for admission at the university.

11. University of Lethbridge charges Canada Citizens $4,974 and International students $12,641.
This is a publicly funded research university in Lethbridge. It is one of the top-ranked research universities present in Canada with high research activity.


12. Concordia University of Edmonton charges Canada Citizens: $7,140 and International: $12,630
This is a private institute in Edmonton, Canada. The university has seven faculties and schools which offer degree programs in business, arts, science, music, physical education, and wellbeing, etc.In addition to the quality education, Concordia University also provides sports facilities to its students.

13. Algonquin College charges Canada Citizens: Fee Calculator Based On Program and International students: $14,000. Algonquin College is a public college for applied arts and technology present in Ottawa, Canada. The college offers undergraduate degrees as well as diplomas and certificates in more than 190 educational programs. The college is well known for its high research activity throughout Canada. The college is well known for its bachelor’s degree in animation and in interior design.

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14. Herzing College. Please Consult University for Information for Canada Citizens charges.
International students are charged $16,043.
Herzing College (now called Herzing University) is a private non-profit university in Milwaukee. This university offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the field of medicine, nursing, economics, agriculture, life sciences, social sciences, etc. The tuition fee at the university is minimal and easily affordable. It also offers a number of scholarships to the students making it is an affordable university in Canada.

15. Dawson College charges Canada Citizens $3,150 and International students $15,750.
Dawson College is a public college located in Westmount, Canada. It offers degree programs in the English language. The college offers pre-university and technical programs in more than 30 fields. Dawson College has a basketball team of college well known for having 25 years of supremacy.

16. TAV College charges Canada Citizens $4,100 and International students $15,350. TAV College is a private college in Montreal, Canada. It offers pre-university programs and technical programs and best known for its career programs in social sciences, administration, and computing. This cheap college in Canada also has an alumni association that helps the students in getting a good start in their professional life.

17. Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology charges Canada Citizens: $4,275
International students $14,500. Cambrian College is a publicly funded college of applied arts and technology located in Ontario, Canada. The college has five schools including schools of business, justice, health sciences, engineering, and environmental sciences. Cambrian College is best known for its computer and engineering technology programs.

18. Thompson Rivers University charges Canada Citizens: $4,228 and International students $16,800. Located on the bank of Thompson Rivers as a public research university in British Columbia, Canada. It is a degree-awarding university that awards undergraduate and graduates degrees in vocational programs.

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19. University of Alberta charges Canada Citizens $5,321 and International students $21,668.
The University of Alberta was established by two men whose names are Rutherford and Tory. It has some departments that are ranked in the top 100 programs in the world.

20. University of Northern British Columbia charges Canada Citizens $5,318 and International students $18,612.
Our next cheapest university in Canada is the University of Northern British Columbia. With five campuses located in British Columbia, this middle-sized university is one of the most affordable for graduate students. This is a great option for students wishing to continue their higher education after finishing their bachelor’s degree.

The best low tuition Undergraduate Degree is from Brandon University which offers the most affordable undergraduate degree in Canada. It cost approximately $6,000 a year to study in the university.

Cheapest Masters Degree: Simon Fraser University is offering one of the cheapest Masters degrees in Canada. The average cost of studying a Master’s program per year is $5,500.

For the cheapest Ph.D. Degree, Simon Fraser University is also the best choice. This university offers Ph.D. degrees starting from $2,500.

Low tuition MBA Degree: Many students wonder about cheap MBA programs in Canada. The Memorial University of Newfoundland offers an MBA program for $6,000, which is one of the cheapest MBA programs. You can get your MBA degree for only $12,000!

So overall, the cheapest undergraduate diploma in Canada is from Brandon University, and the cheapest postgraduate diploma is from the Simon Fraser University. Find out more information on our article about the advantages of a Canada study permit regardless!