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Uberflip Hiring Competent Quality Assurance Intern


We at Uberflip strongly believe that content is the most important strategy to strengthen lasting relationships that is why we are seeking competent hands for the role of Quality Assurance Intern at Toronto, Ontario.

Who We Are

At Uberflip, we believe content is the most successful tactics to ignite long-lasting relationships. But even the best content must be put together with a remarkable experience in order to reach its full potential.

We build software that is user-friendly and easy to integrate with other outstanding solutions. Each member of our team believes that our success is our customer’s success. We maintain the belief of consistent value, relevance and consistency in everything we do.

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Uberflip is a platform where marketers can create, manage and optimize content experiences so that company stakeholders can fully leverage content at every stage of the buyer journey.

The Ideal Uberflip Quality Assurance Intern:

In Uberflip, we’re looking for a Quality Assurance Intern for the role of software tester who is to join our customer success team and our designers and developers so as to ensure our customer’s content experiences are interesting, fast, and bug-free.

This is a junior position that doesn’t need prior professional software testing experience as a requirement. So ensure to explore the advantages of schooling in Canada.

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  • You’re expected to have the familiarity of the basics of HTML,  JavaScript, CSS, and web browsers.
  • Experience in building or testing websites or web applications.
  • Attitude for diligent, organized, and detail-oriented, along with creative skills.
  • You’re always open to learning and expanding your skills.

VisitFind out how you can apply via eluta.ca

Uberflip Culture

We see ourselves as one big team, at Uberflip. We work as a team to achieve a job well done without forgetting the importance of creating a supportive and inspiring culture in our company.

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We value our product and what we do, and we’re glad about the excellent culture we’ve created at the Uberflip office. We offer a lot of exciting packages, but our incredible people truly define our culture.

Uberflip is committed to equal employer policy. See how to get a work visa to Canada. We are minded about offering a safe workplace where all is accepted and encouraged to grow with us. We are committed to making diversity and inclusivity part of our culture!