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Advantages Of A Canada Study Permit Regardless!

Advantages Canada Study Permit

It is important for you to understand the various advantages of getting a Canada study permit regardless of if it seems now that you don’t need one. I bet you, after you would have read through this article, you will want to have a Canada study permit anyhow.

Advantages Of Getting A Canada Study Permit

There are two important advantages for which you may want to get a Canada study permit regardless of if you think you don’t need one:

As long as you are able to qualify for the requirements, you will be able to continue studying. You will also have the opportunity of working on the campus or off the campus environment.

We can capitalize on these advantages of a Canada study permit in a situation, for instance, where you are already enrolled and studying for a course that has less than 6 months duration and would really love to study in a longer program.

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Also, a situation where you are the child of an authorized parent who already has a work permit or study permit in Canada, and you will no longer be minor while you are about to turn 18.

If you forward an application for a study permit even though it seems now that you don’t need one, you should as a matter of clarification include a letter that explains reasons you want one with your application.

1. Continue Studying

If you happen have had a study permit and the situation of your study changes. Perhaps you have found the purpose to study for more than 6 months or apply for a study program with a longer duration, you will be able to continue with studying in Canada while you still have a valid permit.

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You wish to extend your permit, or it expires while processing your application for an extension, you will be granted the chance to continue your study because you have implied status.

Although, if it happens that you don’t have a study permit, you would be required to stop studying or wait till you obtain your study permit before you can start or continue your studies.

Perhaps you are recommended to take prerequisite classes for a longer study program. Your prerequisite classes may not need a study permit, except for your full study program.

In this situation, you should harness the advantages of getting a study permit in Canada even though you don’t really need one immediately. If you don’t do so, you may suffer the challenge of starting your longer study program, because your Canada study permit may be delayed depending on how long it takes it to be processed.

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2. Work On And Off-Campus

If you have a study permit, DLI recognizes that you’re registered as a full-time student, you will be able to work on the campus or off the campus. Therefore, your Canada study permit will include a clause that states you’re allowed to work while studying.

Where you have no study permit, you will not be able to work during your study in Canada. This is why you will be required to apply for a work permit in this case.

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