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How To Immigrate To The US. By Job Offer


Many are seeking job offer to immigrate to the US. in order to work. However, the US is focused on employing the best skills around the globe to work in the US.

There are non-immigrant work visas in which you can get a job offer in the US for a predefined timeframe yet you at that point must come back to your country of origin. In any case, the necessities below are for immigrants who wish to apply for their green cards.

1. EB-1 (First Preference)

Extraordinary Ability: You must be able to show outstanding skills in your field. Though you may not need to immigrate after you have a job offer you must meet three of the following:

  • Documentation of national or internationally recognized prizes or awards.
  • Membership of belonging to associations in your field that require exceptional achievements of their members for them to join.
  • Evidence of your published work.
  • Documentation that shows you have been asked to examine other work in your field.
  • Evidence that shows your original contribution had important significance to your field.
  • Documentation of your scholarly articles in publications or authorship on related to your field.
  • Evidence that your work has been part of an art exhibition or showcases.
  • Evidence of demonstrating your performance in the leadership of organizations.
  • Evidence that you earn a high salary or really higher field’s average salary.
  • Evidence to demonstrate your commercial success in the performing arts.
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Outstanding Professors and Researchers: You should almost certainly exhibit that you have gotten international recognition for your achievements in your academic field. You should likewise have in any event 3 years experience and you should immigrate to the US. so as to seek after headway in an academic career. You should have a job offer and meet two of the accompanying criteria:

  • Documentation of prizes or awards that have been won for your academic achievement.
  • Membership in professional associations requiring outstanding achievements for members to join.
  • Documentation showing published material in professional publications in your field.
  • Documentation that you have served as an evaluator, either on a panel or individually, of other work in your field.
  • Original contributions made in your research area.
  • Documentation to prove your authorship of scholarly books or articles in scholarly journals within your field.
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Multinational Manager or Executive: You probably been employed outside of the US for a long time before your application and have been employed for a company or firm at least for 1 year with which you will be working for in the US. Your work for that company or firm should incorporate managerial or executive level work.


2. EB-2 (Second Preference)

Advanced Degree: You should apply for a job offer that requires an advanced degree that you have or that you can substitute a bachelor degree with 5 years of experience in the field for.

Exceptional Ability: You must meet three of the following to prove that you have an outstanding skill in a certain area.

  • An academic record that demonstrates qualifications in your related field.
  • Letters documenting at least 10 years of full-time work in your field.
  • A license for professional practice or certification for your profession.
  • Evidence to show that your salary represents your outstanding skill.
  • Membership in any similar professional organizations.
  • Recognition for your peer’s achievements, for governments, or organizations.
  • Any other evidence that shows you command outstanding skill in your field.
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3. EB-3 (Third Preference)

Skilled Workers: You should show in any event two years of job experience or preparing and be performing work that can’t be finished by a US resident.

Professionals: You will need to demonstrate that you hold a Bachelor degree in a relevant field and that you are performing work that cannot be completed by a US citizen.

Unskilled Workers (Other Workers): You must be able to perform unskilled labor that is not seasonal or temporary and demonstrate that this does not work that could be completed by a US citizen.

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